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Thank you for placing your order with the Cook Business Card Ordering Site. We look forward to providing you with fast and convenient service.

Before you begin, let us provide you a brief explanation of our ordering process.

You will be required to complete a brief registration to access the site. When registering, you will establish your own user name and password. Upon submitting your registration you will receive an address verification notification at the email provided on the registration form. You must respond to the link provided in this email to activate your account. (Note: Please check your filtered messages if you do not receive the address verification notification.)

After your address has been verified you may login to the site. The user name and password will give you immediate access to the site on any future visit.

When you are logged in as a site user you may build your business card. The site will provide you with the proper template for your location. When you have entered the information for your card you may submit your order.

After submitting your order you will receive a confirmation that the order was received and is being processed. The confirmation will also provide you with an order number. All inquiries concerning your order will require use of the order number. Tracking your order by order number will allow you to see the order's current stage in production.

Again, thank you for placing your order with us.